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Giant 15M long Carpet Python

Not your typical carpet, chair, or toy- but all three at once. Despite being one of the largest snakes in the world, pythons are nonvenomous and solitary. Learn not to fear these bulky snakes with the 15M carpet python that can sit many kids. Youngsters can enjoy playing on this massive carpet while mingling with other people and learning about reptiles and wildlife!

Crocodile 12ft

Is that a log lurking low in the water, or is that a crocodile? Meet one of the best camouflaged yet vicious predators in the reptile world: this 12′ crocodile is hand-painted, designed to closely resemble the real creature. Kneel beside this creature and note the signature details, including the spots, toothy grin, and powerful tail. This is certainly the safest way to experience a crocodile, and with this level of detail, you won’t want to miss adding the crocodile to your home or garden today!

Galapagos Tortoise

“We don’t settle for the second best, so don’t make do with Aldabra tortoises. Instead, get the Galápagos turtles! Raise awareness about the endangered largest living species of tortoise by having one in your own home or backyard. Seeing a replica of these friendly giants nibbling on grass, relaxing in the sun and napping for about 2/3 of the day is a symbol of simplicity and a reminder to take things slowly but surely.”