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Candy Cane 6ft

Tasty as this might look, this is no ordinary candy cane! Rather than to fill your stomach, this hand-painted candy cane adorns Candyland and the North Pole in equal parts. Now, it can also find a home in your home and garden, despite those who would gladly take a bite of it.

Christmas Finial Drop Ornament

This candy-striped Christmas finial is here to expand the decorations you love about Christmas to a new level. Instead of hanging from a tree, this statue hangs from the wall, over-large and grand. With its hand-finishing that guarantees a beautiful shine, this finial will garnish any room in your house with its holiday cheer.

Funny Reindeer

Prepare your household for the jolliest holiday season ever with one of Santa’s trusty reindeer. Aside from boosting spirits, this delightful, statue will complement a variety of other holiday decorations. With its unique harness and personal Santa hat, this red-nosed reindeer is ready to deliver presents and a strong helping of Christmas cheer to your home and garden!