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Grim Reaper – Photo Op

Join the Grim Reaper on his favorite holiday with a photo op. Together, you can celebrate Halloween with one of the literal spirits themselves. The Reaper is perfect height for taller children or adults, and the tombstone will fit younger children. The skillful, hand-painted detail on the robe and the scythe will catch eyes in your home and garden, coaxing all who encounter it to embrace the scary bits of the night.

Grim Reaper Throne

Peeking through the mists, one sees a figure — the image of the harbinger of death itself, rendered into a fantastic photo op. A must-have for any Halloween fanatic, the grim reaper throne lords over the room it resides in with chilling authority. Add it to your Halloween display today and show everyone who the true pumpkin king (or queen) is!

Pumpkin – Photo Op

Get ready to capture the excitement of Halloween with this grinning jack-o-lantern. Nothing will complement your Halloween costume quite like this pumpkin display, which is designed as a photo-op for up to 3 people or kids. Pose behind its eyes or nose and embrace your spooky side! From its stem to each carved tooth, this hand-painted pumpkin promises magic and mischief in your home or garden.

Pumpkin Display

Enjoy the safety of the pumpkin display, guarding your home against wayward spirits, without all the mess of a real pumpkin! With its carefully hand-painted details, the fierce expression cut into this pumpkin will thrill children and adults. Bring this display into your home or garden, and experience an authentic Halloween.

Scary Clown Mask

If you’re looking for more tricks than treats this Halloween, the scary clown mask is for you. Delicately hand-painted, the clown will mesmerize and captivate neighbours with its frightening eyes and excess of teeth. Capture this modern terror for your home and be careful not to leave any balloons laying around!