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Apatosaurus Femur Fossil

A stunning replica with great detailing – a fossil that is getting a lot harder to find now. Dimensions: 68 x 22 x 12(h); Weight: 22kg. A wonderful addition to every collection.

Megalodon Jaw 50″H – Wall Decor

This incredible life-sized Megalodon jaw with casts of full upper and lower rows of genuine Megalodon teeth. Anatomical jaw with real bone texture. Three rows of teeth in the upper and lower jaw. An unique piece worthy for every museum.


As velociraptors are extinct, people can only experience them through description and re-creators. Luckily, this museum-quality reproduction allows for the most-accurate experience a person can have. This speedy predatory, painted by hand, showcases its long tail, used for balancing when it runs, sharp claws, and unique pattern. Ignite a life-long interest in palaeontology by inviting the velociraptor into your home or garden!