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Nautilus Table Lamp

“The wonder of nature is highlighted on the Nautilus shell. The Fibonacci sequence concept seen in the logarithmic spirals of the Nautilus shell is awe-inspiring. This Nautilus Table Lamp is definitely a must have for every beachcomber. You can never go wrong in giving this as a gift to a thalassophile – a perfect addition to an ocean-themed room or office.”

Douglas DC-3 Airliner Table Lamp

Inspired by the world’s first successful commercial airliner, this Douglas DC-3 is a symbol of travelling to new places and discovering new cultures. On top of that, this was also used by the military, so it’s a perfect gift to World War II veterans and their family members. During this challenging times, what better reminder of our courageous fight to keep our hopes that things will go back to normal than this Aircraft Table Lamp?

Dandy Man Lamp

Style and Elegance. The Dandy Man emanates an aura of high class and sophistication. Get one of these life-size lamp as a stunning light source as well as a perfect decoration to project an atmosphere of keen fashion sense and formality. Having a replica of an aesthetics advocate in your lobby speaks for the owner’s fine taste.