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New and exciting things on the horizon at Heinimex Corporation!

Welcome and happy 2021 to new and returning customers. After persevering through the difficulties of the previous year, Heinimex has continued to grow and develop thanks to the hard work of our incredible employees and continuing support from our loyal customers.

Upcoming changes include, first, a brand new website, decked out with trademark sleek, chic efficiency. Through this, we will be able to ship our products to customers in the Philippines for the very first time!

The wait will be long worth it, with the slew of spectacular new items and designs that will be added throughout the year, courtesy of a new lead designer.

Heinimex is committed to innovating and producing items that will fulfil all our customers’ individual needs, and now it is even easier for those customers to access our skilled artisans. Products aren’t just available for online order — a physical store will be opening soon in Angeles City.

As style and design advance, Heinimex stays at the forefront, and we are delighted to see you there.