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Eastwell Urn

The Eastwell urn looms from atop its base, regal in its bearing and very natural in its finish. Crafted from faux-stone, the statue contains the texture and exact look of stone without the weight and inconvenience of moving and installing something so heavy. Durable and weather-resistant, this urn rules the outdoors with carefully carved elegance.

Large Lion Urn on Base

Like the mighty king of the savannah, the lion urn commands whichever room or garden it finds itself in. The urn, atop its base, is suited for the outdoors especially, with its composition of durable faux-stone. Indistinguishable from stone with its textures and meticulous colouring, the large lion urn will delight those with a love for the grandiose without breaking any backs. Thanks to the urn’s composition, it is that much easier to bring this urn home.