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Classic Planter – Polished Bronze with Clear PU Topcoat

Give you home or garden a more modern edge with this classic planter in polished bronze. Finished with a clear PU topcoat, this planter is eye-catching without being loud. The real bronze powder used accentuates its strong-yet-light-weight composition, which lends itself to being an outdoor or indoor statue. Dress your topiary in bronze, and see how the luxe suits you.

Classic Planter – Wood Overlap

Present your plants or flowers as elegantly as possible in this classic planter with acacia wood overlap. This strong, yet light-weight pot is constructred of fibreglass, which allows for easy transportation and a pot that can weather all seasons in your house. Experts carefully cut and laid each piece of acacia wood, then covered the pattern with a clear layer of amber oil to preserve the lovely wood grains.

Classic Planter 49x81cm

Pressed and laminated with singular care, the classic abaca planter is here to add some decadence to your home. Created with dried abaca bark, each piece is straightened, then laid out piece-by-piece before its lamination with clear resin, which further strengthens the light-weight planter. This traditional Philippine hand-crafting elevates the every day. Home has never looked so elegant.

Classic Planter 49x81cm

Created with abaca fibres wound carefully around the base, this classic planter is a labour of love. Each fibre is painstakingly placed around the strong, light-weight base to keep the appearance consistent. With its stylish, natural colouring, the classic abaca fibre planter suits whatever room or garden you might deign to place it in.

Classic Planter 66x104cm

Carefully cut and pressed into place, the banana leaves in this stylish planter are a matter of Philippine tradition. Workers assemble the leaves over the planter then seal it with a clear resin, providing the clean lines and shine that complement the versatile look of the banana leaves. The classic banana planter is strong, yet light-weight, perfect for showcasing the topiary in your home and garden.