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The Contortionist on Plinth

The contortionist folds delicately forward, head bowed, with legs elegantly outstretched. This statue, placed upon a plinth, is for the artsy — for the person that needs something a little more to finish their rooms. Hand-painted, this statue’s visual texture invites as much curiosity as the shape, the artistic elements combining to produce something you and guests could examine for hours.

Ice Cream Popsicle – 6ft

If it’s hot where you are, or if you would like to remind guests to save room for dessert, the ice cream popsicle in strawberry is sure to fit. Allow guests to recall one of the best treats there is with this hand-painted popsicle, shiny like it just left your freezer. With its sleek, tantalizing design, it will be right at home in your bar, restaurant, or ice cream shop.