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Anubis 6FT w/base S/G

Anubis, also called Anpu, ancient Egyptian god of the dead, represented by a jackal or the figure of a man with the head of a jackal. Made out of sturdy resin, this is a perfect gift for those that love unique Egyptian statue.


Augustus Rex Mirror

Consider how royalty lived during the French Renaissance — the luxuries and explosion of artwork that occurred — and then look again at the Augustus rex mirror. While the mirror functions as the name implies, to show a reflection of whatever stands in front of it, the impressive Baroque frame wars for your attention. With its antique gold-leaf finish and carefully weathered patina atop the finish, the mirror holds the gravitas of kings from wherever you decide to hang it in your home.

Chippendale Mirror

When you look into the breath-taking intricacy of a Chippendale mirror, with its gold-leaf finish and weathered patina on top, royalty will look back. This mirror has all the durability of modern materials with the beautiful finish and class of the old French Renaissance. Bringing this mirror into your home is a surefire way to encourage creativity, as this design takes an everyday object and transforms it into a work of art.

Hare 3ft – Oxidized Copper

Rather than roaming loose in your garden, this skillfully crafted Hare statue guards your home and garden with artistic flair. The Hare’s real copperleaf finish is treated with chemicals to give each statue a unique finish. No two pieces are the same, so rest assured that every Hare purchased is unique from the colony.