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Boozy Chimp Bottle Holder

Be careful not to let the chimp have the whole bottle! This boozy chimp acts as a bottle holder, the opening tilted toward his lips as if he would drink it if he could. His hand-painted mischief is a perfect addition to your home or restaurant — and a jaunty way to present some of your bottles of alcohol. After all, you can change what he’s holding as you finish them.

Hanging Monkey

Looking for someone who likes to hang? Well, this hanging monkey has got you covered. Designed to hold onto sturdy surfaces like counters or shelves, the monkey wants to be a part of your tribe. With his hand-painted, realistic design, the hanging monkey prompts surprised delight wherever you may choose to display him.

Hare 3ft – Oxidized Copper

Rather than roaming loose in your garden, this skillfully crafted Hare statue guards your home and garden with artistic flair. The Hare’s real copperleaf finish is treated with chemicals to give each statue a unique finish. No two pieces are the same, so rest assured that every Hare purchased is unique from the colony.

James the Chimp

James the chimp wants to make each meal special for you, so he’s gone above and beyond to help. He donned his hand-painted waistcoat and bowtie, folded the tea towel over hisarm, and picked up his serving platter. While he’s not the tallest, he’s at the perfect height to offer certain things to your guests or to children. Let him offer what he can, and James will spruce up any home or garden.