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Gunslinger Cowboy – 6ft

Howdy, partner. Think you’re the fastest draw in town? Well, think again; the gunslinger cowboy’s skill with his piece is unmatched, and he’s here to win. Bring this charming, hand-painted statue into your home or garden today and experience the exquisite detail in everything from his beard to his blue jeans. He might be the best shot in town, but he’s a real pleasure to keep around, too.

Tobacco Store Indian – 6ft

How, brother. This six-foot tobacco Indian salutes friendly strangers in a bid to build better relationships with those who would come for their plants. The headdress this man wears, carefully hand-painted to show historic accuracy, indicates that he is someone important in his tribe, likely the chief. Adding him to your home or garden encourages both a love for history and for the coming-together of different peoples.